Hi, I'm Deanna and here's a little story behind my biggest design creation.
Designs By Deanna Daniels

At the end of last year (2017), we were told that our company had lost their contract and that we would be laid off. Well I had to make a big change for my rabbitry.  I raise rabbits for show, brood and pets, and I would have to find new homes for 2/3 of my rabbits. This was not a easy decision, it was a sad reality. So this is where I came up with Swirl Art Bunnies. The designs of them playing in the meadows is my first three designs. They all look like they are having fun playing together. This made me feel a little better about letting go of so many.

I was trying out a new type of art then (pour painting) which would leave me with left over paint. I would let the left over paint dry and use the paint skins for making jewelry. So I figured why couldn't I make my own mixes of paint, swirl them and cut out bunnies. So I did just that. I poured puddles of white paint and added a different color to each puddle. Swirled the colors in each puddle together and let them dry. When dried I cut  the bunnies out of the dried paint. Different colors, different shapes, facing different directions, different flowers color combinations around their necks, some large, some small, and the girls have a flower on their heads. All bunnies are different, none are exactly the same. To make it mean more to me, they are all named after my bunnies I had or still have.

I have spent a lot of time trying to get these started while I have been on unemployment. Not really knowing what I wanted to do at my age as a job now. Oh well I have had fun working on these, and will be working on other backgrounds that are different and fun for the bunnies.

So I hope you enjoy the designs and that they may brighten your day.