DD's Hoppitry

If you are on this page, & plan on contacting me about a bunny you are interested in... that's great! However, before doing so, I want everyone to know this is a lifetime commitment of the rabbit. Rabbits are a 10 year commitment, if taken care of properly. They deserve permanent homes, where they receive unconditional love. Bunnies grow up, they poop, they pee, & if scared, or provoked will bite. I also cannot guarantee personality of the bunny you pick out, as once a bunny is between 4-6 months of age, their personality could totally change, due to hormones. They are a prey animal, & most rabbits do not like to be picked up, some just tolerate it better than others. They prefer their feet on the ground. If you are not interested in this kind of commitment, then don't contact me. This is not a... "let's try a rabbit, & see if we like this kind of pet" deal. Before contacting me I want you to be 100% sure you will love, & be committed to this rabbit for the rest of it's life. Thank You!

I try to return emails within 24-72 hours. Please check your junk/spam filters when waiting for a reply as sometimes my emails come through there depending on what kind of email you use.


Shipping a Rabbit

I will ship a rabbit (to a show that is in the US) if you are willing to pay for it to be transported. It usually isn't to expensive.

If there is a show that you are going to or that is close to you, then there maybe someone from my area going to that show and could transport it for you.